Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW

Therapist, Director, Author, Speaker, Radio Host

About Mordechai Weinberger

Since graduating Wurzweiller School of Social Work in 2005, Mordechai Weinberger has maintained an ongoing quest for knowledge and therapeutic techniques to address the ever-changing and expanding need for new understandings of mental health. He has developed his own signature approach that combines the logical, emotional and subconscious elements of human psychology. This method works to repair root causes of mental health issues while at the same time changing the thinking and behaviors that result.

Momentum; The Secret To Success

Did you ever wonder what stops you from getting to your goals? This powerful book by master therapist Rabbi Mordechai Weinberger LCSW lets us hear the inner voices that hold us back, and then arms us with dozens of powerful strategies to rev up our momentum and use our gifts to their fullest. Broken into short, readable and doable steps, Momentum will show us how to Use the “Winners Formula for Success” to achieve our full potential identify the voice of “The Opposition” and move way beyond it Recognize the cognitive distortions that get in our way – and overcome them STOP STOPPING and get the momentum that will lead us to where we want to be! To make our journey to fulfilling our potential easier and, yes, just plain fun, Momentum also includes cartoons, motivational quotes, and tests to help us become more self-aware. So get that momentum going – and get ready to toss away your excuses and live your best life!

Mastering Relationships - The 4 elements of connecting with anyone

Fire. Water. Wind. Earth. Understand the four elements – and you will better understand others, and yourself. Master their secrets – and you will master your relationships. Rav Chaim Vital, Rambam, the Gaon of Vilna, the Aruch Hashulchan and the Baal HaTanya are just a few of the many Torah Sages who discuss the four elements that compose all matter – including all of humanity: fire, wind, water and earth. These elements represent different traits that make up our personalities. By better understanding these elements, and the way they play out in human behavior, we can better understand ourselves and the people around us. And by achieving that understanding, we can vastly improve our relationships

Alive! A 10-step guide to a vibrant life

In this self-help masterpiece, we’ll find the way to shed the fears that block our confidence and self-esteem. As we “unlock” our innate power to forgive, to try new things, to connect to our true natures, to accept and grow from our failures, to set boundaries and build self-discipline, we will find a new kind of life unfolding — a life we can embrace with vigor and excitement. The author’s ten key concepts work to bring success and satisfaction to all ages and stages, from teenagers to married couples to parents to business entrepreneurs. Case studies and true-life examples show us how to bring these techniques to actual life situations and use them most effectively.

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